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Metal Rings Waterfall Leather ADJ Bikini Belt O/S Black

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Made from genuine leather with the greatest of detail, our Metal Rings Waterfall Leather Bikini Belt evokes the ideas of barbarians and gladiators. The wide belt straps on, closing in at the sides with two 4adjustable buckle closures on each side for a close fit. The Y-shaped crotch strap holds close to the body, buckling in the back. The big draw are the waterfall strips--they're anchored to the belt, and created by linked rings and short strips of leather bolted together with rounded metal studs. They're great for cosplay and fetish parties, but absolutely perfect for any kajira and their master's pleasure.

Handcrafted in India.

MATERIALS: Genuine leather with metallic hardware

  • Waistband: 2.125 inches wide
  • Waterfall strips: range in length from 1.25 inches to 9.125 inches with 0.5-inch diameter rings
  • First-to-last hole: 2.5 inches (waist), 2.75 inches (crotch)
Metal Rings Waterfall Leather ADJ Bikini Belt O/S Black
  • $129.00