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Long Puffy PVC Sleeve Front Snap Mini Dress

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Having your clothes removed open by your lover overcome with passion for you is a rare treat, welcome only with consent and acceptably yielding materials. Our Long Puffy PVC Sleeve Front Snap Mini Dress is such a garment designed to work with the oversexed, as the snap-button closures on the front not only make it easy to put on but very easy to remove. This long-sleeved mini dress is made from durable and stretchy high-gloss PVC, with a high collar and puffed shoulders. Don't let your lover have all the fun--set those buttons to work as the sole guardians keeping your clothes on, then pull them apart with a rapid burst of satisfying snaps! Rest assured, it's the best way to make an entrance (or invitation) to an amazing night.

MATERIALS: PVC/vinyl (77% polyester, 23% elastane) with polymer coating and metallic hardware

Long Puffy PVC Sleeve Front Snap Mini Dress
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