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Witches Spell Garden Plant Pot Black

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So our Witches Spell Garden Plant Pot is the must-have accessory for all you budding spellcasters out there! Perfect for growing your arsenal of mystical herbs, whether you're concocting potions or simply sprucing up your midnight garden.

Channel your inner gothic witch as you nurture the secrets of nature within this enchanting pot. And, oh, what secrets they are! Thyme, lavender, sage, rosemary, nightshade, hemlock, nettle, mugwort, valerian, mint, basil, and even a pinch of wolfsbane - it's a veritable botanical spellbook!

With dimensions that say, "I'm practical but still mysterious" (5.00" x 5.20" x 5.00"), this pot is a versatile addition to your witchy kitchen. And hey, if you want to heat things up, it's suitable for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. The perfect gift for the witch who has it all, or just wants it all!

Witches Spell Garden Plant Pot Black
  • $26.00