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Swirl PVC Skirt

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Our Swirl PVC Skirt is a glossy, sexy twist on the classic skirt. The gap in the front allows for a gorgeous swirl finish to this skirt. The front lacing allows for a secure fit. When walking, this skirt exaggerates the sway of your hips and really shows off those legs. A stunning twist to a classic favorite you will fall in love with this skirt and will wonder why you've never owned one before.

MATERIAL: PVC with lacing closure

Swirl PVC Skirt
  • "Color: Burgundy","Size: S/M" - Sold out - $68.00
  • "Color: Burgundy","Size: M/L" - Sold out - $68.00
  • "Color: Burgundy","Size: L/XL" - Sold out - $68.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: S/M" - $68.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: M/L" - $68.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: L/XL" - Sold out - $68.00