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Asymmetrical Lace & Hooks Details Shimmering Vest

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When you want a new look for RenFaire but you're done with frills, what's a well-dressed rascal to do? Wear our Steampunk Distressed Vest with Hooks & Side Lacing Detail, of course! This particular slim fitting double-breasted vest is made of micro-elastic shuttle fabric with a mottled texture. The unique flat hook clasp closures break up the mottled texture, as does the functional side lacing detail--cotton lacing run through metal grommets. Two adjustable cinch buckles at the back allow for a closer fit, while the buttons on the exterior fold of the double breast help the vest stay closed without engaging the hook clasp closures.

MATERIAL: Shuttle fabric (97% cotton, 3% fabric) with cotton lacing and metallic hardware

DIMENSIONS: Weight 0.507 kg


Asymmetrical Lace & Hooks Details Shimmering Vest
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