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Ruffled High Collar Long Sleeve Gothic Pirate Shirt

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In the moonlight at the balcony's edge, stands a person whose heart is as cold as the sea below as they wear our Ruffled High Collar Long Sleeve Gothic Pirate Shirt. Though fine for wearing out on schooners for piracy or privateering, this long sleeved dress shirt is best when worn in more genteel company. Button up the ruffled front all the way up to a high ruffled collar for maximum swagger, and do the same for the long ruffled cuffs at the end of billowing sleeves--even bind them with strips guided through lace details. You'll be sure to find a lover for that cold heart of yours, whether at historical reenactments, period performances or shadowy soirees where masks are de rigeur.

MATERIALS: Main materials (65% nylon, 35% polyester) with cotton ruffles, lace detail and plastic buttons

Ruffled High Collar Long Sleeve Gothic Pirate Shirt
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