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Latex Full Neck Tie O/S

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Whether part of a rowdy classroom or a military dungeon, no fetish dom's wardrobe is complete without our Latex Full Neck Tie! Unlike the corporate dress accessory, our unisex necktie is made from quality durable rubber that shines with the rest of your latex outfit. Just like the corporate dress accessory, its form allows it to substitute for other fetish elements: a binding rope, a leash and collar, a mouth gag, a blindfold, or even a bedroom weapon. Great for themed costumes and fetish outfits!

One size fits most.

Designed and handcrafted in England.

MATERIALS: 100% latex (@ 0.55mm thickness)

Latex Full Neck Tie O/S
  • Color : Black - $57.00
  • Color : Red - $57.00