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Harlequin Clown Face Jewels Sticker

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Our Harlequin Clown Face Jewels Sticker are adhesive gems are here to turn your DIY clown ensemble into a bedazzled masterpiece. High-quality rhinestones and metal jewels will let you outshine even the wackiest circus act. Whether it's one of our kinky parties or just a fun night out - these stickers are perfect for your your DIY clown look! They're skin-friendly, so you won't end up looking like a rashy jester, and application is as easy as pie. Stick 'em on your face, chest, or wherever your wild heart desires - these gems play nice with any surface. So, go ahead, be the clown everyone wishes they could be - a dazzling, sparkly, and utterly unforgettable one!

Harlequin Clown Face Jewels Sticker
  • $13.00